Babel laboratory @ HKICF (2016)

Babel laboratory @ HKICF (2016)

【巴別實驗室 Babel laboratory 】as part of the HK International Choreography Festival

2016年4月15、16日 (整個香港國際編舞節於 4月14-17日)
地點: 上環文娛中心劇院 Sheung Wan Civic Center
票價: $220, $120, $60 (長者及全日制學生 full time student/ elderly)
門票於城市售票網發售 Urbtix ticketing:




Babel laboratory is a group of four friends conducting some experiments in preparation for a full length piece in 2017. Inspired by an earlier collaboration about the Kowloon Walled City in 2014 called “The Second Tower of Babel” , this time around we have chosen to focus on the area of Shamshuipo, a working class district at the heart of Hong Kong with the lowest income per capita.

Our creative process began with following and observing people we found interesting in Shamshuipo area. We tried to figure out what it was about the characters we picked that made us curious, and in doing so, began to explore an area of interest, be it about memory, poverty, nature or hard work.

巴別實驗室演出者: 周可凡、梁偉傑、黃育德、林歡曉
Babel Lab performers: Hofan Chau, Grad Leung, Wong Yuk Tak, Idy Lam.